Our Food Policy

Food is key to our health, and when you trust us to feed your child we take that trust very seriously. We promote organic and fair trade, and choose to avoid refined sugars and processed foods. We have cut down on the amount of grain we offer children. We can meet most dietary requirements, and are also happy to support your vegan, vegetarian or gluten free preferences. Please read our Food Policy, and ask us any questions you may have when you visit us.


Our experienced cook is based at the nursery and all meals are freshly prepared in our own kitchen. We provide breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and tea. We use organic and free range produce as much as possible and source the ingredients from local suppliers, in and around Dulwich and East Dulwich. We cater for most dietary requirements. Our meals include plenty of pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables, and we have taken steps to reduce the amount of grain we offer the children. We do not rely on processed foods. Even our pizzas are made on the premises! Our teachers and practitioners sit with the children and eat with them to encourage good table manners and socialising.  

Food Policy
Revised June 2018

Our policy is to
  1. avoid refined sugars, but use molasses or fruit as natural sweeteners
  2. consider carefully the amount of sweet foods we are offering to children
  3. cut back on the amount of grain we offer children each day
  4. increase the ratio of vegetables to fruit
  5. use fresh food not frozen
  6. avoid processed foods 
  7. opt for organic where we can, but always use organic milk and yogurt
  8. promote the drinking of water and cow’s milk (or preferred alternatives)
  9. favour free trade foods where economically viable 
  10. champion locally sourced foods where we can 
  11. offer meat, vegetarian and fish dishes to our omnivores
  12. provide excellent vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options
  13. promote composting
  14. consider packaging waste

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