Two way communication

Here at Under the Willow we have lots of ways of keeping in touch with parents and promoting two way communication

1. Fortnightly email newsletters
2. Parent Forums
3. Information in the foyer, updated weekly
4. Information Evenings, Montessori workshops etc
5. Parent Teacher meetings
6. Nursery software which allows parents to see diary entries, observations, and photos. Parents can also post observations or comment on ours...
7. Observation mornings ( as part of our Open Door Policy)
8. Termly Project Celebrations

We recognise that parents are our greatest asset. When you like what we do, you will probably tell people. And when you don't... well, you know, it's the same. So we want to spend time listening to you, what you think we do well and what else you'd like to see. We regularly send out surveys, or just simply engage in conversations with parents, for honest and relevant feedback. 

Caring for your child and working with you

In 2017 we installed a nursery software system giving our parents regular updates and pictures of their child, which can be read at a time convenient to them.
We have two parent evenings a year. We hold regular Parent Forums, Information Evenings, send Newsletters every fortnight and we have an open door policy. We value and encourage feedback from our families.

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